dinsdag 27 februari 2007


I was given the letter L by Donna in this weeks FFFF Challenge.
The ten things I love, randomly ordered, that start with the letter L (in Dutch) (hey, it's hard enough as it is already!):

leuteren to talk
A lot, I might add.

lezen to read
Preferably literature.

liefde love

loon getting my salary

lieve kinderen sweet kids
Got them. Yep.

lachen to laugh

Well: that's obvious.

lanterfanten doing absolutely nothing
Long time ago by the way.

lekker eten good food
Not a lot, but good.

lente spring
Favourite season.

2 opmerkingen:

Donna zei

What an amazingly fun list! And I learned something too! :)

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Mirjam zei

Yeah: Dutch.
More or less. :)